About Us

We, at Cloud Nine, prize ourselves on delivering a memorable experience from start to finish whilst enjoying a wide selection of high quality shisha. Once our members encounter our first class service and shisha, it will leave them wanting more.

Cloud Nine focus’ on good times and good vibes enjoyed with good people. These core values allow you to have a pleasurable time enjoying our Shisha to the fullest!

Our Services

Quality Shisha

You have the luxury of enjoying a wide range of flavours, combinations of your choice, and our very own premium specials. We pride ourselves on only using the best Shisha available on the market, and we have a wide range of flavours from Alfakher&Starbuzz Tobacco to your liking.

Quality Service

Our team is built up of dedicated Shisha specialists who have over 15 years of experience collectively, not only making the best flavour combinations, but also smoking too! Our team will be available to provide you intel for your personal preference and taste, and guiding you on your selection.

Join Us

Come and join us to chill out from your busy day, relax the nerves and unwind. We know the culture of smoking shisha gives you downtime to relax, reflect and appreciate the good company you are with.

Information on Partnerships

If you are an established business wanting to partner up with ‘Cloud Nine’, please contact us via the email below and we will get right back to you.